News and changes in the latest release

As you might have noticed we have made som updates to Advalidation. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions please send an email to your Advalidation contact or

Below are the most important updates in this release.

Improved report
We have made the information that is important to you even more accessible. No more pop-ups. Simply click the toggle list/report button to when the validation is done to see how your creatives performed.

The link to share the report is located at your top right. You’ll be seeing that link on more pages in future releases.

Slide show view of creatives
You can browse through all creatives in a validation job with our new slide show view. Simply click the view creative link. Once the first creative is shown you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to quickly browse through all creatives in that validation job.

Delete creatives
Right next to the view creative link is the new delete creative link.

Expandable ads
If an ad expands beyond it's initial dimension we'll report that under details.

Other improvements
Experimental support for tags in Excel files.
Support for Doubleclick internal redirects (inred tags).

We have added a new tab for small helpful tools. Go ahead and try the "tag viewer", a quick way to preview a third party tag without a single click. Simply paste the tag and the creative will appear.

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