A clicktag that actually works with ActionScript 3

if (root.loaderInfo.parameters["clickTAG"]) {
    var clickTAG:String =
click_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, getUrlfunction);

function getUrlfunction(ev:Event = null): void {
    ExternalInterface.call("window.open", clickTAG, "_blank");

click_btn is the name of the link button. You can change it into every name / label you want.
It is possible to embed the clickTAG via external files.

The command has been tested with Windows XP and various browsers: Internet Explorer 6 and 7: It works (it overrides the pop-up blocker). Firefox: It works (it overrides the pop-up blocker). Opera: The browser asks the user to open the pop-up window manually.

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