15 ways of reducing CPU usage in Flash ads

The complexity of images, gradients, slow animations and detailed animated objects in Flash ads increase the number of calculations the users processor must perform for each frame. Here are 15 ways of reducing the CPU usage of your Flash ads.
  • Use fewer animations based on mathematical calculations in Action Script
  • Remove unnecessary keyframes from the animation and use the Tween function instead of "frame-for-frame” animation.
  • Lower the frame rate, i.e. the number of frames per second.
  • Minimize the use of gradients, transparency, masks and animations.
  • Images used more than once in the movie should be transformed into symbols. Symbols are stored in the file once and used again later. It can reduce the file size and CPU usage.
  • Minimize the changes between each key frame.
  • Minimize the information stored in the first frames. Add complex logic later in the movie if possible.
  • Features that are activated by the user is preferred. For example: Start a complex animation on mouse over, not on load.
  • Avoid unnecessary timer functions and loops. This is the biggest problems in terms of CPU usage.
  • Solid lines require less memory than dotted / dashed lines or the brush tool.
  • Group objects and make calls to the group.
  • Minimize the number of fonts.
  • Use vector graphics instead of pixel graphics.
  • Optimize vector graphics. Select Modify - Smooth, Straighten or Optimize to reduce the number of vector points.

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